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OFM Coaching, Consulting and Programs are based upon our pioneering and continued innovation in fat adapted performance. OFM is highly individualized so we take the time and effort to address fundamental issues / challenges before beginning.

Our core Coaching staff are people committed to the OFM approach to performance, fitness and a new paradigm of health. Our coaches look at you as a human as well as a committed athlete because addressing the "Human Condition" is key to long term success.  What makes our coaches stand out are their people skills so the athlete not only physiologically adapts but cab tap into that vast wellspring of the human spirit. 

Pricing reflects the total investment, however, payment is made in monthly installments. 


Leading the OFM Coaching Team is Peter Defty, the original developer of the OFM Program/Protocol. Peter pioneered the concept of fat adapted performance in 2000 first personally, then using running friends as guinea pigs then professionally when he joined Vespa. From the onset athletes began to win, podium and set records using Vespa and the OFM protocol, however, these early successes were dismissed as anecdotal. Peter's athletes comprised the majority of the LCD cohort in the ground-breaking FASTER Study (Volek A self-described empiricist, Peter is constantly looking into and experimenting with how to further OFM to yield real world results. 

Dr. Johnathan Edwards, has extensive experience as a Sports Physician working with some of the world's best athletes in motorsports and cycling. This includes being the team doctor for the Team Red Bull US Paris to Dakar Rally, race Doctor for the Tour of Dunkirk and personal physician to MMA fighter Misha Tate. Dr. Edwards is also a Cat 1 Cyclist himself and an ex-Pro Motocross Racer. He came to OFM after suffering a TBI and in using a ketogenic diet to heal he quickly learned of the performance limitations. Now Dr. Edwards coaches all his athletes using the OFM Program. Dr. Edwards brings a wealth of medical knowledge and practical medical experience to the OFM Team. 


Barry Murray is a Performance Nutritionist that holds a BSc in Chemistry from University College Dublin and an MSc in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University.  He specialises in endurance sports and has spent 10yrs researching and practicing fat adaptation. He currently works with professional cyclists, triathletes, distance runners and teams. Barry has been columnist for the Irish Independant newspaper, has featured on several national radio broadcasts and has presented seminars to various sports teams and corporate businesses around Ireland and the UK.

 Barry is also a competitive endurance athlete himself and races competitively in ultra marathons and mountain running events and has represented his country at the World Ultra Trail Championships. He has won several national ultramarathons including the 2015 Wicklow Way 127km and Kerry Way 200km as well as many top placing in some of the toughest ultramarathons in Europe.

David Grech is an ultrarunner, golfer and cricketeer who "gets it" about OFM. He has successfully coached several Australian athletes in OFM including OFM Training Coach Tash Fraser, one of Australia's top female ultrarunners. David fully understands the nuances of OFM and how to walk people through the process in a way that gets them into the "intuitive" mode of thinking which is key to OFM success. David is certified as a Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist, Golf Instructor and is currently getting his degree in Nutrition. 

Naomi Land, is a successful businesswoman, mum, and wife on the north coast of Australia. She is not only an athlete in her own right but has been a Race/Event Director/Organizer as well as a Certified IronmanTriathlon Coach, Life coach, and Sports Power Coach/Weight Lifting. Additionally she is certified in Altitude Training and is currently getting her Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. 

Tash Fraser is one of Australia's top female ultrarunners. Since becoming a Vespa/OFM athlete Tash has experienced the consistent top performance OFM offers including the quick recovery/adaptation and being less prone to injury. Through this experience Tash has worked with Peter to develop many of the run training templates to the OFM Run Training Program which we adapt to each individual's unique needs. 

Amy Hamilton is a former collegiate All-American in Field Hockey and Lacrosse player, a collegiate Field Hockey & Lacrosse Coach and a sub-3 hour Boston marathoner. She reached out to Vespa/OFM a few years ago after a long battle with a parasitic infection and the resulting health challenges and injuries . This, after almost 2 years of mis-diagnosis and the inability of other health professionals to address the problem. OFM has brought her back to be stronger and fitter than ever and with a passion to bring the benefits of OFM to her clients. Amy is trained in TRX, Agility, Strength & Conditioning, battle ropes, Fitness programming, Field Hockey and distance running from 10K through Marathon. 

OFM is an investment in your health and performance which will pay dividends over the long term. Just ask any of our athletes!

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