OFM 4 Month Triathlon/Multisport Training Program

The OFM Triathlon/Multisport Training is an OFM Coached Program specifically tailored to the individual's lifestyle and goals. Distances include everything from Duathlons & sprint Tri's to 70.3 and Long Course all scaled to achieve results for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level athlete. OFM Training is unique and innovative in its methodology as it not only incorporates training for each discipline but to also drive the fat adaptation physiology into higher and higher rates & intensities of fat metabolism to yield the paradigm-shifting health & performance results OFM athletes are experiencing across sport, age, gender and ability.

Initially an OFM Coach(s) works with the athlete via a conference or video call to tailor the OFM Training Program specifically to the athletes lifestyle, goals and needs. Over the course of the 4 months leading to their goal competition the program is updated / revised on a weekly basis based upon the athlete's progress and/or unexpected events, lifeload etc. Consults begin with a brief training questionnaire followed by a 30-60 minute initial consult to individualize the selected program to the athlete. Then, over the course of the 4 months, coach and athlete communicate as needed to adjust training to maintain optimal load. Communications include the initial consult to individualize program, thereafter a 20 minute consult each month for the following 3 months at athlete's discretion or OFM Coaches' recommendation. The OFM Triathlon/Multisport Training includes a brief followup questionnaire & debriefing to guide the athlete forward in their OFM Journey.
Cost & Payment:
The athlete commits to a 4 month re-occurring billing. At the time of checkout on initial payment athlete will sign up for auto-ship with an ending date after the 4th payment is made.

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